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Online retailer says PS3 is 'most pre-ordered console yet'


According to a article, the UK's online retailer,, is currently taking six times more PlayStation 3 pre-orders than it did for the Xbox 360 and 15 times more than it did for the Nintendo Wii. The retailer offers a £524.99 console bundle that includes Motorstorm, Genji 2 and Resistance: Fall of Man. Sony adds that, "Woolworths, Amazon and Play, to name a few, are reporting record breaking pre-orders and an overwhelming demand for PS3."

Though this record pre-order pace is somewhat misleading when taking into account the stock shortages experienced by both the Wii and Xbox 360 -- being allocated more units obviously means you can accept more pre-orders -- the truly good news here is intended for consumers. With Sony promising one million PS3 units for the European launch and retailers accepting a greater number of pre-orders, gamers that want a system on day one (and can tolerate bundle deals) stand a good chance of avoiding the usual frustration that accompanies supply issues. Not to mention the fact that the added wait until March 23 has, at the very least, provided some consolation in the form a much better selection of launch titles.

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