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Rumor rehash: Apple MacBook ultraportable coming soon

Ryan Block, @ryan

As much as we'd like to see Apple try its hand at the subnotebook game once more (and don't y'all haters deny that at the time the 12-inch PowerBook was a subby), we are getting a little bored that the rumor, much like the iPhone before it, refuses to give way. AppleInsider is re-reporting by way of supposed insiders that Stevie's engineers are hard at work on a new MacBook with the fresh set of specs we've heard many a time to date: no integrated optical drive, solid state disk (resulting in increased battery life and system performance), sleek, slender body, widescreen display, and now a mid-year launch, presumably aligned with WWDC. We've heard this song and dance before (and we'll surely hear it again), so keep your wallet-carrying trousers on.

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