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Sigma APO's 'Zoffy' mouse declares its love for Vista

Evan Blass

Man, what a racket they've got going over there at Microsoft. Not only does the company get to unilaterally decide exactly when we all "need" a new operating system, it gets to siphon money off of hardware manufacturers for the privilege of advertising their products as "Vista-certified." Now we can see why said certification might be useful for entire systems or even select components such as video cards, but how is our computing experience going to be any different if we use a mouse adorned with this supposedly-coveted seal of approval? Nevertheless, Sigma APO of Japan has decided to shell out some cash to Redmond to get the ol' "Made for Vista" badge slapped on its oddly-titled "Zoffy" laser mouse, but predictably, there's no indication as to how this model differs from the Logitech you're clutching at the moment (except for its bargain basement price). On the specs front, you're getting a 1,600dpi laser (adjustable to 800dpi), four-way scroll wheel, rubberized grip, and not much else. Still, if you can deal with the dearth of buttons and absolutely gotta have "Vista-certified" bragging rights for all your gear, Zoffy will be available at the end of the month for about $27.

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