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Vidikron intros 65-inch VP-6500VHD 1080p plasma


Vidikron's PlasmaView line of plasma TVs certainly isn't lacking in sizable sets, with 42, 50, and 60 inch variations to choose from, but the company seems to have deemed it necessary to raise the stakes even further, introducing the 65-inch VP-6500VHD. In addition to being the biggest, the set is also Vidikron's first 1080p plasma display, as well as apparently the first plasma display from any company to get the THX stamp of approval. As you might expect, those particular bragging rights will come at a hefty price, with the VP-6500VHD demanding an even $20,000. Although for that price, you will at least get you choice of standard black or brushed anodized aluminum frames, as well as the option of a model specially designed for high-altitude viewing.

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