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What ToDo: GTD, Yet Again

Mat Lu

I have to admit that I've never quite understood the fascination so many people seem to have with the whole Getting Things Done (GTD) meme. Nonetheless, no doubt due in large part to Merlin Mann's advocacy, the GTD thing seems to have become particularly at home on the Mac. And in fact, there are a number of GTD applications already out there or being developed. What ToDo is the latest attempt to cash in on the GTD craze. Frankly not being a devotee of the whole GTD thing I find myself ill positioned to evaluate these different applications, but I assume that everyone in this space must be wary of heavyweight Omni Group's forthcoming entry into the GTD sweepstakes, OmniFocus. So at the risk of starting something, for you GTDers out there, what is your favorite GTD application and why?

What ToDo is $29 and a demo is available.

[Via MacMinute]

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