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AOU 2007: Cave's Muchi Muchi Pork shmup released (from its sty)

Jonti Davies

This new vertically-scrolling shmup from ace DonPachi developer Cave is a 100% pork-based product, whatever that means. Muchi Muchi Pork is playable at AOU 2007 and, according to Dengeki, it features a "Lard Gauge" that can power a "Lard Attack." How cool is that? What else we know: there's a two-player versus mode, Cave's booth girls were wielding frying pans, and the theme song goes like this: "Muchi muchi pork! Muchi muchi pork! Muchi muchi! Muchi mu-chii!" (Seriously.) Muchi Muchi Pork will be pigging out in Japanese game centers from the end of April.

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