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Decrypted Blu-ray & HD-DVD movies on PS3, no disc necessary


This isn't so much a PlayStation 3 hack as it is a Linux operation. The process, as outlined by author "hacked2123," involves decoding and ripping movies from Blu-ray (or HD-DVD) discs onto a Linux-based PC, and then re-encoding the files into an unencrypted MPEG format that could be played on the PC, or further tinkered with and transferred to PS3 -- and with a little more effort, we suppose, also made compatible with Xbox 360 (as a WMV file).

Of course it's possible that, as Linux support evolves on PS3, Sony's console could become fully capable of exploiting high-definition movies on its own; and thereby become one of Blu-ray (and HD-DVD) manufacturers' worst enemies. And to think some still accuse PlayStation 3 of being nothing more than the Blu-ray peeps 'Trojan horse'...

[Via Engadget]

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