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Oops: Game Informer says Mercenaries 2 Xbox 360 exclusive


Just to clear up present and future tips. You know when you hear something long enough, you begin to think it's true? Well, that's what apparently happened to everyone in the chain of command at Game Informer when it came to the ongoing rumors that Mercenaries 2: World in Flames was no longer a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Heck, they believed it so much they just went ahead and made it an Xbox 360 exclusive in their March issue(as seen in the photo above). GI has since corrected themselves and, honestly, the error is totally understandable.

The whole Merc. 2 Xbox 360 kerfuffle started last July when a Pandemic representative said, "Right now, we have PS3 development kits and it's on PS3, and there is no announcement, but we're definitely considering Xbox 360." Then came the shots of Merc. 2 developers having and using a considerable amount of Xbox 360 equipment. Finally, there was the "oops" by IGN, when they announced the game for Xbox 360. This is laughably becoming one of the worst kept secrets in the industry.

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