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Bankruptcy, shmankruptcy: VK Mobile gets i230 through FCC

Chris Ziegler

Hey, Helio, maybe you guys can help us out with this one: just what the heck is VK, maker of your Kickflip, doing with a new phone in the FCC's hallowed halls? Isn't the luxury of FCC approval reserved for companies with, oh, we don't know... solvency? Granted, last time we heard from these folks it sounded like they were going to be allowed to continue on their merry way in some capacity, so maybe this is all part of that grand recovery scheme. Anyhoo, what we've got here is the "verykool"-branded (verykool, VK... get it?) i230, a quadband GSM unit that we'd wager bears the candybar form factor. Other than that, details are nonexistent -- including whether any American carrier is looking to pick this thing up -- but we'll be keeping an eagle eye on the sitch.

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