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Hollywood Arts eBaying Halo 3 cameo

Dustin Burg

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Got extra cash burning a hole in your pocket and feeling the need to give? The Hollywood Arts charity is auctioning off all kinds of video game related goods including one sweet Halo 3 cameo donated by Bungie. Other auctions include a tour of Bungie Studios, a Red vs Blue package, and a signed WoW package. But it looks like you'll have to empty out your college savings fund, because the Halo 3 cameo auction starts at $1,000 and is sure to go up within' the coming week. But remember, 100% of all the auction money will be donated to the Hollywood Arts making this one of those win win situations. Also, be sure to note that the winner of the Bungie Studios tour auction gets to bring a friend with and my schedule is open for the rest of the year. You know ... just saying.

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