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Keep It Together 1.3.1


Reinvented Software's Keep It Together hit version 1.3 (and then 1.3.1) last week, which got me to take another look at the organizer app. If you're familiar with Bare Bones' Yojimbo, then the interface for KIT will seem reasonably familiar, and the feature set is pretty close as well -- both can serve as a 'super scrapbook' with storage for text notes, URLs and PDFs (including a handy Print dialog "Save PDF to..." tool). The big differences with KIT: subtract Yojimbo's secure notes, password storage capabilities and Sync Services mojo; add arbitrary file handling (either direct import or aliases) and separate buckets for movies, images and sounds.

KIT is available for 15-day evaluation and will cost you $24.95 after that; compare with Yojimbo's $39 tariff.

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