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Breakfast topic: Race/class combinations you wish you could be


I've always wanted to be a druid. My very first character, played at night on a friend's account before I even understood that this was an MMORPG, was a night elf druid. And today, seeing that they can tank, DPS and heal, I want to be one even more.

Unfortunately, I'm a Hordie. My only option for a druid character is a tauren. The male tauren scratch themselves constantly, and the female tauren ... I'm just not a female tauren kind of person. That's why I really wish we could make Blood Elf druids. Sure, balance of nature and all that, but it's not exactly more ridiculous than them being paladins. The tauren-only thing is really limiting druid population Horde-side.

I asked my guildies and other random people what class/race combo they wish they could roll, and I heard:

  • Tauren rogue, for the warstomp
  • Orc priest
  • Blood elf warrior
  • Gnome priest
  • Tauren mage

What race/class combo would you roll if it were only possible?

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