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AMD wants to power handheld graphics with licensed mobile technology

Brian White

Are you wanting a gaming console experience with your mobile? Well, with AMD aiming to get its graphics technology (from recently-acquired ATI) into that mobile handset, your day may at least partially come soon. We've all seen the lag in some recent handsets, and we attributed that slowness to the advanced graphics capabilities some newer units have along with an underpowered CPU under that cellphone skin. AMD seems serious about attacking that problem as handsets grow even more complex and turn into miniature multimedia powerhouses, as it's created an entire new business segment focused on developing and licensing leading-edge graphics core technologies. This division will not only attack cellphones, but all handheld across the industry. With PDA sales trickling down to nothing and smartphones becoming "the handheld," this means AMD is entering the graphics business for wireless devices, in a nutshell.

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