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And the award for world's worst WoW player goes to...

Mike Schramm

Now I don't mean to make fun-- maybe this poor guy just hasn't had a lot of experience operating a keyboard or playing videogames. Maybe he just hasn't quite yet or just isn't able to pick up the skills to play this game.

But when Lynyrd, a 64 Orc Hunter on Drak'thul, puts up a PvP whine post on the forums about how he was killed and camped by a 34 warlock, you just have to wonder what's happening there. A few replies in, there's a mention of more players joining in to the fight (apparently Lynyrd was helping a few lowbie friends when they decided to gang up on some Alliance), but when all the dust has cleared, it really looks like a 64 hunter somehow got taken down by a 38 lock and a 37 priest.

Lynyrd makes another appearance later in the thread (after a few more illegible posts by the interested parties, I'm ready to call shenanigans on all of this, but it's still funny), and posts his spec, which is very... umm.... "broad," I guess. Most hunters tend to specialize in one tree, but Lynyrd has chosen to go for the least of all worlds-- he's got the very uncommon 15/20/20 hunter spec.

Again, I can't really believe this is what it seems like-- as players point out, any 64 hunter who knows where the autoshot button is should be able to drop a 38 lock without thinking twice. But a read through the thread itself is definitely chuckleworthy.

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