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Art Lebedev intros Verbarius electronic clock


Art Lebedev may be best known these days for its various display-ridden peripherals, and the delays and uncertainty surrounding each, but the prolific design firm's got plenty more on its plate, to which it's now added the Verbarius electronic clock. As you can see above, the clock does away with the usual time-telling tools in favor of spelling things out, in five different languages no less. What's more, it changes up its verbiage each time you ask it the time, displaying variations like "forty-five minutes past four," "fifteen minutes to five," "four forty-five", and "a quarter to five." This being Lebedev, of course, they're also taking their time to build up anticipation in the device, with the clock supposedly set to only begin shipping in November. You can get your pre-orders in now, however, with a discount price of $158.25 available to those who order before September 1st, after which it'll set you back about $180.

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