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Canon's new PowerShot A570 and A560


Canon sure likes to yuk it up with the "A Series" puns. "A" for affordable, for the AA batteries you can stick in these things, for the "A" Team the cameras represent -- it's a real riot. Luckily, "affordable" doesn't have to mean "boring" anymore, and these two PowerShots include fancy 4x zooms, 7.1 megapixel CCDs, 2.5-inch LCDs and that DIGIC III processor for speedier operation, along with 1600 ISO and Face Detection. Sound familiar? You can have it all for a few more bucks, 1x less zoom and quite a bit more pocketability in the Digital ELPH series. What the A570 adds that the A560 and those ELPH cousins lack is optical image stabilisation. You can pick one up for $280, or if you don't mind the blur, grab an A560 for $230. Both will be out in March.

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