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HTC "Gene" makes FCC appearance

Chris Ziegler

After a fairly productive 3GSM last week showing off new Windows Mobile 6 wares in the form of the Vox and the Advantage, everyone's favorite Taiwanese Windows Mobile ODM has graced us with this here "Gene" (or at least we think that's what it's called, based on its model number, GENE100) via our usual Tipster Extraordinare, the FCC. The specs aren't really enough to knock our socks off -- data tops out with quadband EDGE, the cam is a simple 2 megapixel unit, plus the usual Bluetooth 2.0, 128MB of ROM, 64MB of RAM, and QVGA display atop a 201MHz TI OMAP850 -- but at this point, we're still happy to get whatever new Professional hardware we can get.

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