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Remember, fear isn't going to be a big factor in the expansion!


That was the logic used by Blizzard to give Fear Ward to Draenei priests instead of Blood Elves. This comment runs through my mind every time I get feared into mobs in Steamvaults/Underbog/other instances, wiping the group due to something I cannot control.

I hate mobs that fear in PVE. As a rogue, there's nothing I can do to control or stop the fear aside from permanently staying outside melee range. (No, I'm not undead.) I haven't even done Nightbane yet, who is apparently another Nef-like encounter that involves major fearing. Sure, tremor totem can help, but if you don't have a shaman you're sort of boned.

This isn't another Alliance-has-it-easy complaint -- I know that most Alliance groups probably don't have a dwarf or draenei priest, and many of the "fear" effects are actually horror and aren't stopped by Fear Ward. The mechanics of PVE fear are annoying to everyone, from gnomes to tauren, and I sincerely wish it had some kind of counter -- either by reducing its appearance in instances or giving all priests Fear Ward. It's an overdone and repetitive mechanism that no one actually likes.

Looking at the forums, it seems many people agree with me. And surprisingly enough, a good share of the complainers are Alliance. A dwarf paladin notes that he "loves getting stuck between a wagon and its wheel or falling through the world" after a fear, a human warrior hates that you can't stance dance past insta-cast fears, and a night elf priest says that "it's pretty uncreative to make the frustration factor in instances solely based on one spell for almost twelve instances."

So do you think fear is overused, or do we just all need to lrn2play by pulling mobs further back and clearing large areas?

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