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Former EA prez joins Microsoft as strategic adviser


Former president of Electronic Arts Worldwide Don Mattrick has joined Microsoft as a strategic adviser for the Entertainment and Devices group. Details of Mattrick's new duties are vague, but Peter Moore has compared his arrival to a baseball superstar signing with the Yankees. Meaning he'll choke come playoffs?

Moore insists that there's no bad blood between him and Mattrick that might stem from "long-ago" tensions with EA -- not that Moore wouldn't consider goin' a few rounds with EA CEO Larry Probst. While with Sega, Moore battled through EA's refusal to support Dreamcast, and then a bitter rivalry between Sega Sports and EA Sports; and more recently, EA's stubbornness with regard to Xbox Live. But apparently, Mattrick and Moore have been exploring opportunities to work together ever since Mattrick departed EA.

Mattrick did so in the fall of 2005; ending his obligations to EA in February 2006. In the interim, Mattrick focused on family and friends -- and fitness. While most excited about contributing to Xbox Live's growth, Mattrick will extend his advice beyond games, reaching out to J Allard and the Zune crew.

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