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GameCube gets vasectomy; no longer reproducing

Blake Snow

Nintendo's rising star Perrin Kaplan confirmed in an interview yesterday with GameDaily that the company is no longer making GameCubes, and they will not release any further games for it. "Are we producing any more GameCubes? No. But do we have the inventory there for people to still purchase? Yes," responded Kaplan. She went on to liken the Cube as a "great starter system" with "plenty" of games for those still interested in its library of discount thrills. But once the last GCN has shipped, fret not. Every GameCube game is "Wii Compatible."

And let the above image serve as a final reminder to console manufacturers everywhere -- no, strike that -- to electronics manufacturers everywhere to never release purple hardware. We love ya, Cubie. But you always did look much better in your black or silver jumpsuit.

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