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MarsEdit acquired by Red Sweater Software

Scott McNulty

MarsEdit is my blogging client of choice. It is simple, straightforward, and streamlined (unlike Ecto, which I also use and enjoy). Today we found out that MarsEdit, formerly of Ranchero which itself was acquired by NewsGator, has been acquired by Red Sweater Software. This is good news for all MarsEdit uses since NewsGator is much more focused on NetNewsWire, and the future of MarsEdit didn't look too clear.

Check out this Q&A with Brent Simmons, creator of MarsEdit, and Daniel Jalkut, the man behind the Red Sweater, for some insights into the future of MarsEdit.

Updates to MarsEdit 1.x will continue to be free for registered users, and new users can pick up a copy for $24.95.

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