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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd off to a quick start in Japan

Jonti Davies

Famitsu is reporting on the impressive demand for Capcom's PSP RPG Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, which has launched in Japan this morning. Around 140 people were in line outside the West Shinjuku branch of Yodobashi Camera before the store opened, while more than 200 people were at the Ikebukuro branch of Bic Camera. Promotion of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd has had an impact -- the game's TV commercial seems to have aired more frequently here in the past week than that of any other game (this blogger watches too much Japanese telly), and the PSP hardware-plus-game bundle also appears to be selling out in Tokyo. Chances are, this PSP hit will top next week's Japanese sales chart.

[Image credit: Famitsu]

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