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No More Heroes brings the violence


Goichi Suda, who you might recognize as Suda 51, recently sat down and talked with IGN about his company's upcoming game No More Heroes. Being developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, who were responsible for the stylish Killer 7, No More Heroes is aiming to be "as violent, or even more violent than Manhunt 2!" That's the exact challenge that Suda has presented to his team, ensuring that the end user (that's all of us!) are satisfied in the bucketfuls of blood in the game.

So what is No More Heroes about? Well, it's a "free running/roaming style action game" that is set in Santa Destroy, a fictional town located on the West Coast of the United States. Game progression is handled through mission completion by the player (both main and sub-missions will be available). The main character, Travis Touchdown, is a man stuck in a life of poverty and must rely on a single form of transportation in his favorite motorcycle "Schpel Tiger." No stealing cars folks!

The rest of the interview confirms that No More Heroes is running on a new engine created solely for the game and Suda's thoughts on the Wii hardware.

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