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Rumorang: Warhawk downloadable, now multiplayer-only


1UP staffer Sam Kennedy has aroused last month's rumor that Warhawk has been scaled down into a PlayStation Network e-Distribution title; now apparently multiplayer-only. On his way to preview the game's progress at Incognito's Salt Lake City studios, Kennedy reported to base: "What I do know is that some interesting cuts choices have indeed been made in terms of its scope, and I'm curious to see how they'll go over with people (myself included). What Warhawk has apparently evolved into is a multiplayer-only title featuring ground and air combat that'll be downloadable from PSN."

The information is inconclusive, and will remain so until the NDA is lifted (1UP implies that Kennedy's preview will be published by the start of GDC). While the initial rumor framed another blow to PlayStation 3's image, Kennedy has reminded us that "this could actually become a great demonstration of what Sony has in store for us with downloadable games." We'd be willing to buy that if e-Distribution was the original intention, but let's be real, a lot of money will have been flushed away if Warhawk ends up a budget download. For Incognito's sake, the final product better impress.

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