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Call of Duty lawsuits explored

Jared Rea

If you've ever wanted to see just how ugly modern game development can get, Gamasutra has just the article for you. Released in November 2004, Spark Interactive's Call of Duty: Finest Hour is still home to plenty of discussion, as long as you're looking in a courtroom to find it.

The story itself begins in 2002 when future employees of Spark were still employed by Electronic Arts Los Angeles and, even better, actively working on the Medal of Honor series. It all hit the fan about the time twenty of EA's employees jumped ship over to the Activision owned Spark Interactive and it has been trouble ever since.

Considering all the roadblocks and meltdowns that occurred during the development of Finest Hour, it's amazing that it even found its way to store shelves in the amount of time given. Unfortunately, the legal battle it stirred up will long outlast the impact of the game itself.

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