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Codemasters adds a 'Rainbow' to Bubble Bobble replacements


Were you affected by the Bubble Bobble Revolution recall? Of course you weren't -- you didn't buy a game that was known to be broken: "The game is so broken that it isn't worth purchasing. Do not support sloppy game making. Do not buy this game" (Digital Entertainment News). Did you?

Apparently some did. Now, five months later the fixed replacements are shipping out. And guess what? Codemasters has packed a tiny Rainbow into every box. Aw, how thoughtful... (too bad it's rubbish -- but it's all the team had).

Was that too harsh? Yeah, probably. Um, well, then let's just say this was indeed a kind gesture -- and leave it at that. Anyone else care to make nice? We're looking at you two, Microsoft and Treyarch.

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