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DS Daily: How did you get started?


Once upon a time when we were smaller than we are now, there was a movie theater nearby that had an arcade, and it was there that we got started gaming. Many an afternoon (and a fortune in quarters) disappeared in those dark corners. Later, when we got our original NES, that same joy moved to the living room, and it was a family affair. Some of that continues even to this day, as the mother unit keeps trying to jack the Wii since she can't find her own.

But we didn't always game. There were lapses in our interest and years when we did other things. Only now, in adulthood, has a true love of gaming flowered, a love that was born (for this blogger) with the N64 and the Playstation. But how has it been for you? Where (and how) did you get started? What's influenced your taste and habits as a gamer?

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