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GameStop prepping line of Wii accessories


Apparently not content with simply selling other company's wares, Gamestop has decided to get in on the Wii accessory madness itself, introducing its own line of Wii add-ons of varying utility. Sure to attract more than a few stares is the company's Afterglow Cooler (pictured above), which promises to keep the already cool console even cooler, with some blue LED lighting adding some justification for the $15 price tag. The rest of Gamestop's accessories take on the ever-expandable Wiimote, including a $10 silicon grip that replaces the controller's battery cover to reduce slippage (check it out after the break), and a full compliment of now-familiar Wii Sports accessories (also viewable after the break), available in a bundle for $20. Look for the whole lot to be available sometime before the end of this quarter.

[Thanks, Spike J]

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