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HR20: buggy and unresponsive, but customers seem to love it anyways?

Ben Drawbaugh

Since before the HR20 was even thought of it has been pretty controversial, first it was by the TiVo fanboys and then all the delays and when it finally did come it was super buggy. While some have already switched to cable in favor of a Series3 some either don't have a choice and can't stomach the cash so they stick with DirecTV despite the bugs and HD Lite. Now has a story about the HR20 and the sub title seems like a stretch. Do people really love the HR20 despite the bugs? Sure some users don't record MPEG4 channels so they don't know what the problem is, but those MPEG4 problems will plague everyone when DirecTV starts rolling out those 100 HDTV channels this year. We would be the first to call out Foxnews considering their relationship history with DirecTV, but now that Liberty Media has ownership of DirecTV we can only assume that all your HR20 owners agree that despite it's bugs the HR20 is a great consumer electronics device.

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