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Is flOw the PS3's killer app right now?

Blake Snow

Ryan Block, lover of gadgets and managing editor at sister site Engadget, believes flOw to be the PS3's current killer app. He says the downloadable game "may be the best, most original gameplay experience" for the console right now and that it looks "absolutely astounding" in 1080p. "It's one of those titles that reminds me of why I used to love games so much back in the day."

On the contrary, GameSpot calls the game an "attractive screen saver you can steer." While praising the game's audio and visuals, they ultimately liken the experience to that of buying art. "You buy it as something to look at and appreciate from time to time. It's a way to cool out--not something to compete at."

flOw is currently available for download on the PlayStation Network for $7.99.

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