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Motorola RIZR Z3 hitting up T-Mobile next month

Darren Murph

While you loyal T-Mobile users have patiently braved the news of Moto's RIZR Z3 passing FCC inspection, getting some love on Vodafone Germany, and receiving a relatively glowing review, it's about time it sashayed over to your carrier, huh? If that's you, go on and circle March 12th on your current mobile's calendar, as that'll be the day when it gets overshadowed by a newer, sleeker handset. Reportedly, the MOTORIZR Z3 will be launched on T-Mobile just over a fortnight from now, and will sport a two-megapixel camera with video capture capabilities, music playback, stereo Bluetooth, quad-band connectivity, speakerphone, voice recognition software, predictive text input, and a 220 x 176 resolution screen, just like we've gotten used to. No word on what T-Mobile plans on charging for the device, but be sure and hit the read link for the full promotional sheet.

[Thanks, TJ and the Fish]

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