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Netintelligence gives parents access to kids' cellphones

Brian White

With improving photo and video capabilities being embedded into even entry-level mobiles these days -- and with YouTube going mobile as well -- parents need some sort of mobile content control if it's possible. A Scotland-based web security company called Netintelligence things it has the answer with its Netintelligence Mobile software, which lets parents set up "detailed parameters" on the handsets their kids use -- preferably to prevent lurid and inappropriate content from being downloaded and / or viewed. The thing is, though -- most kids can runs circles around their parents in terms of the features and usage of mobiles, so will parents even know how to use this software and its "detailed parameters?" In Europe, possibly so -- but in the U.S., we're not holding our breath. With mobile website addresses being able to be blocked and filtered, this sounds like a great piece of over-the-air software in concept.

[Via Slashphone]

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