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PlayStation 3 $1000 in Australia ... in Australian dollars


Following the horrible luck of the Irish, and then the Greek tragedy, the land down under will be comparably spared and given the same price as the majority of Europe when the PlayStation 3 launches in Australia March 23. Australia's price is $999.95 ($788 USD, €599). Sony defends the price saying that it is the same as Europe pays and the higher price is justified because of "currency exchange rate and small population size"

"We have to realize that we live in a country with 22 million people, and the US supplies product to 300 million, which creates very different business dynamics," said Michael Ephraim, Sony's Australia and New Zealand managing director.

Sony also stated online rumors that they would only receive 11,000 units for the launch were false, but wouldn't give any specific numbers. Now who wants to do the math and take the cost of the PS3 compared to various nation's average family income to inform us of who's getting the best deal on the planet?

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