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Trusty Bell Update: New screenshots and website

Jared Rea

Known as Eternal Sonata on this side of the ocean, Tri-Crescendo's (Baten Kaitos, Baten Kaitos Origins) Xbox 360 RPG Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream is gearing up for a Summer release in Japan. Details have been scarce since its incredible Tokyo Game Show debut this past year and today a slew of new screenshots and artwork have popped up.

The official site has also been updated with a brand-new look, as well as a direct-feed version of the original trailer, last seen at the Tokyo Game Show. Trusty Bell will be hitting the streets of Japan in June and with any luck, the States by the end of this year.

Read - The latest Trusty Bell Screenshots
Read - A newly outfitted website for Trusty Bell

[Update - We made the classic Ace/Crescendo mix-up. Thanks, Taf!]

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