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Gear Media Tech podcast from the Pixel Corps

David Chartier

Leo and his growing band of merry podcasters can *not* stop generating media, and one of their latest efforts just might give the rest of us a smoother ride while hopping on the bandwagon. Gear Media Tech (iTS podcast link) is a new podcast headlined by Leo Laporte, Scott Bourne and Alex Lindsay (whom you may also know from such stellar podcasts as This Week in Media and MacBreak Weekly), delving into the tools, tips and techniques of producing media for the web.

I haven't gotten around to listening to an episode yet; I just stumbled across this and subscribed to download their first two episodes (it's brand-spanking new). Judging from the quality of the other TWiT empire shows, however, I'm sure this one will be a valuable resource to any aspiring pod and vidcasters, yours truly included.

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