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Modular Me-mo brings a bit of sexy to all-in-one handhelds


There've been a few bright spots, but for the most part the world of do-it-all gadgets, with those large screens and QWERTY keyboards in tow, usually look frumpy at best. Luckily, conceptual designers have the luxury of tossing out all that "feasibility" nonsense, and Peter Norberg seems to have struck a cord here with this Me-mo setup of his. The system is based around one master unit, to which you can plug in camera, GPS, music and keyboard modules to expand the functionality as the mood -- or fashion -- requires. Things get a little too edgy for our taste with the jacket-button attachability, and devices like the E90 and F700 are starting to prove that maybe you can have it all, but we wouldn't be averse to giving some of Me-mo's offspring a spin all the same.


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