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Wii's "Everybody Votes" channel hacked to allow unlimited suggestions

Darren Murph

It looks like the dozens of e-voting terminals across the globe aren't the only voting machines getting hax0red these days, as the sweet, innocent "Everybody Votes" channel has now been exploited too. Nintendo's Valentine's Day gift to the world was met with much applause, but we knew those tricksters behind the scenes would be hard at work trying to find a workaround to the dreaded "one suggestion (or vote) per day" limitation. Along the same vein as fooling poorly coded shareware into thinking your "30 day trial" never runs out, all you have to do is set the Wii's internal clock a day forward, and from there on out, you're able to cast as many votes as you wish without being hampered. Of course, we don't really expect the Big N to just kick around this weekend and not fix this, but then again, we don't exactly foresee any of the polls found here to face recounts of any magnitude either.

[Via Joystiq]

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