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$2 Xbox 360 games today at Best Buy

Dustin Burg

Today, and today only, Best Buy stores in the United States are running a video game clearance to get rid of some old video game stock. According to a post on IGN's forums, select games from numerous consoles including the Xbox 360 are clearance priced and ripe for the picking. We noticed that Full Auto, King Kong, and Ridge Racer 6 are all listed for the rock bottom price of $1.99! Of course, the games are pretty crappy, but you can get some easy achievements or sell them on eBay. Other Xbox 360 titles are clearance priced at either $4.99 or $9.99 including Oblivion CE which is only $9.99. But be sure to note that this is a clearance and the available games will vary dramatically from store to store. And for your convenience, the full list of Xbox 360 clearance games and their prices are listed after the break.

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Full Auto
King Kong
Ridge Racer 6

College Hoops 2K6

2006 Fifa World Cup
Dynasty Warriors 5
Elder Scrolls Oblivion: Collector's Edition
Final Fantasy XI
Moto GP 2006
Quake 4
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

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