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Blast from the Past: RetroMacCast

James and John love old Macs. So much so, that they get together about once a week to talk about collecting and using old Macs on their new podcast, the RetroMacCast. Each episode "strolls down memory lane" to discuss older Macintosh computers, from both the perspective of the collector and the user. In a recent episode, the two discussed the signatures found engraved on the inside of their 128K "toaster" Mac and using one as a recipe server in the kitchen and troubleshooting using "the Dead Mac Scrolls".

The style is extremely laid back and each podcast uses m4a picture annotation, so there's always something to look at as they talk. Episodes last about 20 to 30 minutes on average. I really enjoyed listening, especially as the hosts kept finding things to discuss that caught my interest. Clearly, they worked to an outline and this level of organization helped the podcast keep moving forward.

Thanks James

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