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Keepin' it real fake, part XLVII: "Offline" Google store

Jeannie Choe

Wander past this ill-dubbed Google store and you'll find yourself puzzled as to why you can't locate that sweet Google lava lamp you wanted as a finishing touch to your bedroom decor. The impostor, a textile shop in Istanbul, Turkey, went so far as to transplant Google's exact logo to their storefront exterior -- why, exactly, is beyond us. "Hey guys check it out! A real-life Google store -- let's grab some frisbees and socks that say Google on 'em...huh? It's all fabrics in here? Wait, this houndstooth linen is to die for. Three yards, please." Doubtful.

Update: As a few readers have noted, this is hilariously similar to last year's Engadget store incident.

[Thanks, Kirf]

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