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Latest Nintendo Power confirms Brothers in Arms coming to DS


Jeux-France got ahold of the latest issue of Nintendo Power, which confirms that Brothers in Arms is headed to the DS. We couldn't be happier, as the Brothers in Arms franchise is one of the very few WWII-based series of games left that are worth playing. The images of the game (which have been embedded past the post break) are of very low quality, so we cannot discern whether the graphics are something to be excited about or not.

We can confirm, however, that the game is to feature 3 different campaigns, spanning 16 missions and several of the countries involved in the war. The touch-screen will be used for switching weapons, tossing grenades (player must draw a line for trajectory) and aiming at enemies. The top screen is obviously going to be used to present the action.

No word on whether this title is to be Wi-Fi Connect compatible or not.

[Thanks, Ken!]

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