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Linux users tell Ballmer to put his code where his mouth is

Jeannie Choe

We're pumped for a real showdown in the upcoming months, since the Linux community has just launched Show Us the Code, a website / movement humoring Steve Ballmer's repeated claims of burgled Microsoft IP within the open source OS -- accusations he's been making ever since Microsoft and Novell went into cahoots with each other back in November. The grassroots organization challenges Ballmer to bring it on: if Microsoft forks over the evidence by May 1st, Linux developers will alter their code accordingly to maintain freeware status. However, if Redmond plays dumb or comes up empty handed, a figurative tail will find its way between the company's legs and a handful of dirty looks and I-told-you-so's are likely to ensue. The first day has already yielded the support of 13 companies and SUTC is definitely hawking up an online presence, and if it really blows up, the battle should end with an "in-your-face" bang either way. 'Til then, peruse the site and enjoy biting remarks such as "And much to your dismay, we don't want Microsoft's code specifically" and "Don't you owe it to your shareholders to work with others to ensure their intellectual property isn't being violated?"

[Via Slashdot]

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