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Rockridge Sound's iSR-01 "luxury" iPod alarm clock

Jeannie Choe

Surprise your guests when you tell them this gem isn't from a thrift store and that it actually plays an iPod, not cassettes. Rockridge Sound busts out yet another iPod clock / dock option, this time with 2.1-channel audio, alarm clock function, and AM / FM tuner. Although the specs aren't exactly eye-popping, it seems Rockridge is pushing the iSR-01's "luxurious" wood finish and quasi-analog hark-back design -- after all, the product page screams "MODERN & LUXURY" in huge all-caps letters. This gigantor unit supports third, fourth, and fifth gen iPods, minis, first and second gen nanos, is powered by an AC adapter or 2 AAA batteries, and they've included a remote in case you need to control functions while admiring all that luxury from afar. There's no mention of cost, but for some reason, we're banking on a heavy price tag.

[Via Akihabara News]

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