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Is i-mate misquoting dimensions on its Ultimates?

Brian White

i-mate's recently unveiled "Ultimate" Windows Mobile 6 devices from 3GSM a few weeks ago initially looked like an offering to kill all other offerings. In a nutshell, all five Ultimate devices sported the exact same killer specifications except for form factor (and of course, dimensions). But -- egad! -- has i-mate soiled some of the initial excitement over these devices by not proofreading the dimension specs on the 7150 model? You be the judge here. i-mate's official specs state that the 7150 is a 110mm x 74mm x 18mm device. Yet, when set against the i-mate K-Jam, the new 7150 looks huge -- even though there is supposedly only a 2mm difference in height. We think i-mate needs to revisit some dimensional relations for the 7150 -- and fast. We're thinking about 125mm for the 7150's height, no?

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