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Sony bumps out seven new home theater-in-a-box setups


Moderation was always overrated anyways. Sony just slapped a BRAVIA sticker on three new home theater-in-a-box models, and threw four more HD-friendly systems into the mix just for kicks. The DAV-HDX500, DAV-HDX267W and DAV-HDX265 BRAVIA Theater units bring a DVD changer, HDMI outputs and 720p/1080i video upscaling. There's also HDMI-based TV control, Sony's Digital Media Port for adding on various audio accessories. The HDX500 brings along XM Connect and Play, along with height adjustable floor standing speakers, while the HDX267W includes wireless rear speakers. The HDX500 and HDX265 will be out in March for $500 and $300, respectively, while the HDX267W will hit in April for $300. Sony's HT-7100DH, HT-DDW990 and HT-DDW790 are a bit less exciting, and lack HD upscaling, but the inclusion of five satellite speakers and an 8-inch subwoofer in each box should make these a convenient choice for the average consumer. The HT-7100DH and HT-DDW990 pack 900 watts of power, along with dual HDMI and the usual suspects. The 7100DH also includes a 5-disc DVD changer and XM Connect and Play readiness. It'll be out in March for $500, while the HT-DDW790 will debut in March as well for $200. The HT-DDW990 should show up in May for $300. Finally, Sony's new RHT-G800 (pictured) does it all, with a whole entire system inside a TV stand -- naturally designed to prop up one of those spendy new BRAVIA LCDs. The $1000 unit takes dual 1080p-ready HDMI inputs, sports a single output, can do full HD from source to display, six channels of uncompressed audio and just about everything else you'd need to get a HD friendly home theater up and running. You can grab one in May.

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