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Sony fesses up, Cybershot W series gets official


Not many surprises here, Sony's W series comes in the 7.2 megapixel DSC-W80, 8 megapixel DSC-W90 and 12 megapixel DSC-W200 flavors we spotted before, but instead of the HDMI plug we were hearing about, the three cameras output their HD wares via a component adapter. Everything else seems to be in line, like 3x zoom lenses, 2.5-inch LCDs, optical image stabilization, ISO 3200, and face detection for boosting exposure and focus. Pre-orders start February 28th, and the W80 and W90 should be available sometime in March, with the W200 following in May. Prices aren't bad for what these things are packing, with the W200 at $400, W90 $300 and the W80 for $250.

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