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SuperDuper bumped to 2.1.4


Dave Nanian's highly regarded (and practically foolproof) backup utility SuperDuper! is now at version 2.1.4, available from the website or via the auto update within SD itself. New and fixed items include:

  • Displays are no longer kept active during a copy
  • Scheduled copies work properly in Japanese locale
  • Auto update mechanism extended to support OS X version-specific updates
  • Extended attributes now copied for locked/unchangeable files
  • Preliminary support for 10.5 "Leopard"
  • Bug fix for scheduled copy logs written to the incorrect log file
  • Re-fixed 10.3.9 image creation
  • Fixed 5th parameter to before/after scripts
  • Improved crontab handling

Now that Mike Bombich's legendary and free Carbon Copy Cloner is in beta for version 3 UB, SuperDuper may have a bit of a run for its $27.95. Glad to see that the wheels are still turning over there!

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