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Telltale Games talks Xbox Live Arcade and Sam & Max

Jared Rea

A week ago, we brought word that Telltale Games, the folks behind Sam & Max, were looking for a Xbox 360 programmer for an unnamed project. Well, the position is still up in the air and what's more, they're talking about it.

Eurogamer caught up with Telltale to ask about the ominous job listing and while they don't come right out and spill the beans (naturally), they do point out that it has to do with episodic content and Xbox Live Arcade.

Aside from us clawing at our keyboards and screaming like cheerleaders when it comes to Sam & Max, this raises a few questions concerning Xbox Live Arcade. The main one being, Is episodic content even possible in its current state? If Microsoft is just getting by with the skin of their teeth every release, could ongoing content really be delivered in a timely manner?

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