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TiVo just doesn't understand HD

Ben Drawbaugh

With the Series3 update to 8.1 we got pretty excited about the new features, and yeah Recently Deleted and WPA support is great, but that isn't all 8.1 has to offer. One of the other new features is TiVoCast which brings Internet content to your HDTV. The only problem is that like many other features on the Series3 like suggestions, there isn't a High-Def version to go with the High-Def TiVo. While we understand the difficulties that HD videos pose on hardware and the Internet, other companies seem to make it happen, not to mention most Internet content like Rockeboom isn't in HD anyways, but it is widescreen and evidently watching widescreen content on your widescreen TV is too much to ask for TiVo to provide via TiVoCast. Sure we could use the stretch to get rid of both the letter box and pillar bars, we expect more from every bodies favorite DVR company, but should we? This actually adds to the list of non HD features on your ultra expensive HD DVR. First there were no HD photos and still aren't for Mac fans, then no HD suggestions and now no HD Guru guides or TiVoCasts.

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