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Gigabyte looking to unveil U60 UMPC at CeBIT?

Darren Murph

It seems like just about everyone is testing out the questionable UMPC waters of late, as just days after seeing the niche BumbleBee offering, Gigabyte is purportedly looking to dish out a handheld computer of its own at next month's CeBIT. Although details are admittedly scant, the proposed U60 will tout a swank slide-out / split keyboard approach, a 6.5-inch 800 x 600 resolution display, integrated 802.11b/g, your choice of 20GB / 30GB 1.8-inch hard drives, a pair of USB ports, SD / MMC flash card readers, and a mysterious C7-M processor. Unfortunately, that's about all the information that's been leaked on the 1.59-pound device thus far, but we should know plenty more when the floor opens up in mid-March.

[Via UnwiredView]

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